CoinPlayStar Presents: Deal or No Deal Live Betting Game

CoinPlayStar Presents: Deal or No Deal Live Betting Game

For 2022, we can easily say that Online Casino Sites are not totally compatibility with Today’s conditions. Still “biggest” online casino sites needs your id, personal infos and even more deep. But if you are someone who don’t wanna share any infos about your personal id, you can say “Hi!” to world of CoinPlayStar.

CoinPlayStar is a crypto based online betting site. Site that follows recent developments in everyway, to protect their customers personal infos. CoinPlayStar offers for you full security. It doesn’t need any information about your id, driving licence or anything during registration(or at other situations). You can be a member of CoinPlayStar, play at limitless world of CoinPlayStar and still your Id will be totally secure!

Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

The objective of Deal or No Deal Live is to predict whether the amount of money in the briefcases will be higher than the banker’s offer. By choosing to either accept or reject the banker’s deal, you aim to get the most money possible. 

As more briefcases are opened, the banker’s offer will change according to the size of the remaining cash amounts. The more high-value cash prizes which remain in play, the better the offer from the banker will be. 

How to play Deal or No Deal Live

Before we tell you how to play Deal or No Deal, it’s important to know that you must first get through the qualification round to play the game show (details above). What happens during the qualification round will determine the size of the cash prizes in the briefcases and lots more.

Deal or No Deal Live Odds 

Deal or No Deal Live has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 95.42%. So for every R100 that players spend on average, the game pays out R95.42 in cash prizes. This means the house edge is 4.58%. The RTP for Deal or No Deal Live is about average for Live Casino Games but lower than a game like Lightning Roulette which returns 97.10% to the player.

Deal or No Deal Live Strategy

While Deal or No Deal Live is an excellent Live Casino game, there are no watertight strategies that guarantee results. We do however have some recommendations when it comes to playing that might help you out.

How much can I win on Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live allows you to win up to 500x your original bet. The minimum bet size is R1 and you can win as much as R5 million (if you bet the maximum amount and hit the biggest multipliers in every round).

You can click here to go registration page of CoinPlayStar.

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