CoinPlayStar 2021 Bonus Promotions

CoinPlayStar 2021 Bonus Promotions

The last year was not a good year for most of us. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, many of us had to stay home. So we could not go outside to have fun in casinos. Therefore, online casino platforms such CoinPlayStar has gained popularity. Keeping people entertained is not a simple task. That’s why there were many new bonus promotions for every new user at CoinPlayStar. But what we want to announce is a new summer festivities of betting and casino. 2021 is a special year for CoinPlayStar, and we would like to announce our plans for the summer.

CoinPlayStar 2021 Summer Bonus Promotions

We know that nobody really likes summers but we want to turn this season into a betting and casino festival. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this period of the year to our fellow members. There are many different bonus types and you can make a fortune by using bonus promotions. It may not seem much but who would refuse extra money, right? Let us take a look at summer 2021 bonus promotions at CoinPlayStar.

1- 25 Free-Spins for every new user: If you feel lucky, this your day. At CoinPlayStar, we offer 25 free-spins for everyone! All you need to do is register with CoinPlayStar and you can get your 25 free slots spins! Free spins will be transferred to selected Pragmatic Slot games after you completed Coinplaystar registration process. There are available games that you can use your free-spins. For more info make sure to check out, our website.

2- 100% Bonus For Deposits: It sounds unbelievable, right? Make no mistake, you can the same amount of bonus with your deposit. Up to $1000, you can receive another 1000 in bonus. This way you can never run out of money.

As you can see, the summer at CoinPlayStar is heated and there will never an another chance to receive this much bonus!


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