How to play and win in Blackjack?

How to play and win in Blackjack?

Blackjack or 21 is one of most popular card games ever created. Since 18th century, we have seen many forms of the game. As its name suggest, the goal of the game is to reach 21. More than 21, you lose. That is basically the logic of the game.

Playing Blackjack

Often online casinos allow people to play Blackjack. You can also visit a casino to play this game. Opening bets may range from $1 to over $5000. It depends on where you play this game. Professional bettors/gamblers would sit at VIP tablet to make more money. If you are still learning the Fundamentals of the game, you might want to go with smaller tables. Once you learn Blackjack, you can increase your wager.

How to play

First, you need to wager your bet. You can start from a small amount. After that you will receive two cards from the dealer. Every bettors receive 2 cards. Dealer also draws 2 cards for him/herself. But one of those cards is dealt closed. It means that you wouldn’t see it. Then dealer would ask you if you want to stay or hit.

Here you can double your wager or split your hand into two. If you have less than 17, you might want to ask for more cards. But try to not exceed 21. Lastly, dealer would open his/her card. If the total value of his/her cards is less than 17, he continues to draw cards. If dealer exceeds 21, every bettors would receive 3:2 of their money given that they also have less than 21. That’s how it is. If you need more answers you can visit CoinPlayStar and register.


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