Football betting: How does it work?

Football betting: How does it work?

Football is the most popular sport for betting in many European countries. But you should not think of American football. We are talking about soccer here.

Many of tipsters may have trouble while placing their bets on football matches. Because there are many different betting options avaliable for you. Almost 40% of the money is spent by bettors wagered on football. The huge volume of the football matches has helped the betting industry to grow.

How does football betting work?

Odds are set by a bookmaker. For example coinplaystar is one of them. They represent the ratio between the stake and winnings on a given outcome. The odds are sometimes are shown as decimals(2.00) It means that if wager a bet on it, let’s say you put $10. If you win, you would receive $20, doubling your money. Once you get used to odds, football betting is quite simple.

Match bet: It is the simplest form of betting. You pick the result of football match. There is also live football betting in which you wager a bet during a football match.

Bet builder: Also referred as game multis. These bets are an accumulator of outcomes of a single match. For example, Lewandowski scores a goal and München wins. Based on the odds, you can wager a bet.

Haft time/Full time: As we already know, football matches are played in two 45 minutes periods. You can guess the first half of the game or both of them as well. It is up to you to wager your bet.

Double chance: You can bet on two or three outcomes of the match. Combinations are: Home team or draw, away team or draw. Home team or away team. If you want to play safe, you can go with double chance.

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