Sports betting; bonuses and promotions

Sports betting; bonuses and promotions

Many tipster love betting on sports; basketball, football and many other sports branches are popular among tipsters. What if we tell you that CoinPlayStar offers highest possible odds at any sports? Because it’s very much true. If you consider yourself a betting aficionado, you should definitely check out CoinPlayStar.

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What bonuses are offered with sports betting?

There are number of ways to receive free bonuses at CoinPlayStar. As we see more and more tipster are looking for ways to earn more, we offer more and more bonuses. One thing is guaranteed with CoinPlayStar: The best odds offers you can find at any betting platform. Therefore you should visit the website to inform yourself about the latest offers.

You can mention the team that you’re supporting to receive more bonuses. For example; let’s say that you are a fan of Real Madrid. If you bet on a Madrid game, your earning will be doubled. There is also another promotion that allows to you make more money when your team of choice scores a goal.

Cash-back bonuses are also offered at CoinPlayStar. For example; you have an unlucky day-we hope not- and you lost about $200. Thanks to CoinPlayStar’s cash-back offering, you can get %20 of your money. This means that you would have an another chance at betting.

You can’t talk about sports betting without mentioning tournaments. Once a month, the tipster who guessed the most results right, will receive a $1000 bonus. Only thing you need to is betting on your games!

If you want to register, you can check out this blog post. CoinPlayStar also offers Bitcoin payments that are reliable and fast. We wish you best luck!


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