Bitcoin payment with CoinPlayStar

Bitcoin payment with CoinPlayStar

CoinPlayStar is one of most well-received betting platforms as far as customer satisfaction concerned. Because it offers a safe betting with higher odds compared to other betting platforms. As you can tell from the name, CoinPlayStar accepts bitcoin payment method. We know that Bitcoin is the future of the money and the fiat will no longer be accepted in the future. It may take more than 50 years to reach there however we’re sure that Bitcoin is the safest thing for a customer.

Bitcoin payment method

Not many betting platforms accept Bitcoin as a payment method. But CoinPlayStar is an exception. Why a tipster should choose Bitcoin to pay for a betting platform? The answer is easy. Not only Bitcoin is the safest but it also has less transaction costs. Of course it’s ultra fast. You no longer have to wait to receive a payment confirmation from your bank. We know how time consuming that is!

We also have a suprise for you. If you use Bitcoin to deposit money to CoinPlayStar for first time, you will receive an extra $10 bonus. Feel free to use it!

Can I use other crypto currencies?

Of course! CoinPlayStar accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDT, USDC and PAX as payment methods. You need to open a crypto wallet to transfer money to the betting platform. Depositing and withdrawing money is also simple as that. If you have trouble sending or receiving crypto currencies, you can always contact our amazing support team.

CoinPlayStar aims to accept more crypto currencies in the near future. Make sure to check out latest news about the website. If you need more information about registration, you can read our help page ”How to open a betting account?” Every new memberships will be awarded with 25 free-spins. You can only win with CoinPlayStar!


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